How Upcoming trends can transform HR?

Sangeetha P, Online Content Writer, siliconindiaEscalating opportunities and growing competitiveness among organizations have influenced the companies to adopt the latest technologies to stay ahead in the corporate race. Alongside, the increasing number of millennial workforce indeed demands transformation in the existing company policies, particularly in the HR department. After experiencing a radical transformation with extensive technological advancements like social media and more in the previous decade, HR professionals are all set to embrace the latest trends that may transform the HR sector in 2020. These trends are expected to benefits both the organizations as well as the employees and aid in keeping the companies competitive. Here are a few HR trends that are expected to transform the HR industry in the new decade.

Employee Engagement
In the present scenario, engaging employees are very crucial for every organization. Employee engagement involves creating more personalized and employee-centric amenities for every employee. In every
organization, the HR department plays a vital role in keeping the employees comfortable as well as abiding them by the company's rules. Also, the HR department manages employee benefits such as organizing seminars and workshop, salary, and more. In addition, the HR department could provide flexible work timing, work from home option and other employee beneficial practices to enhance the employees' experience which in turn would improve their efficiency and productivity.

Leveraging New Technologies
Technology has hugely impacted almost every sector. The organization has improved its competence and productivity by adopting latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science and more. These technologies have aided the organization to provide better services and to make clear decisions. Thus, inducing these technologies into the HR sector would further benefit the organizations. The technology implementation could simplify HR operations by automating interactions with employees. A chatbot can carry out conversation through audio or by text, providing instant replies to employees frequently asked questions and thus, minimize the response time as well.

Performance Analytics
Incorporating performance analytics could help the organization to enhance employee engagement and retention. These analytics are executed on machine learning algorithms that help in collecting, organizing and analyzing the HR-related data, which would help in better decision making for the organization, thereby, improving the overall performance of the organization.
By implementing the latest trends and technologies the HR department can improvise employee engagement. Better employee engagement would result in employee retention which in turn would bring in improved performance. Enhance employee performance would naturally elevate the organizations overall productivity yielding high profits.